Nepal’s Media Statistics

Newspapers Statistics of Nepal

Number of Dailies: 613 (191 in the Kathmandu Valley)

Number of bi-weeklies: 33 (7 in the Kathmandu Valley)

Number of Weeklies: 2666 (1171 in the Kathmandu Valley)

Number of Fortnightlies: 400 (245 in the Kathmandu Valley)

Source: Press Council of Nepal

Radio Statistics of Nepal

Number of Radio Licences: 543

Number of Radio on Broadcast: 360

Television Statistics of Nepal

Number of Television Licences: 75

Source: Ministry of Information & Communication


Internet Statistics of Nepal

Total Internet Subscribers: 8,946,569

Internet Penetration: 33.76 %

Total Internet Subscribers (excluding GPRS, EDGE & HCDMA): 428,475

Total Licensed ISPs: 47 (including 4 rural ISPs)

Source: Nepal Telecommunications Authority

Journalist Statistics of Nepal

Total Number of Journalists: 10,077 (including 1,613 female journalists)

Journalists in Eastern Development Region: 1,444

Journalists in Central Development Region (except the Kathmandu Valley): 1587

Journalists in the Kathmandu Valley: 3,567

Journalists in Western Development Region: 1,402

Journalists in Mid Western Development Region: 1,411

Journalists in Far Western Development Region: 666

Source: Federation of Nepali Journalists


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